Changing paths. Creating value.

Whatever your starting point is, we increase company value through clearly structured and sustainable step change, geared to rapidly improve business performance.

Financial analysis. Human intelligence. Alternative data.

We harness our expertise in all three fields to help you take better decisions and move your company on the right track to maximize profits and realize your business potential..

Strategic plan for closing the broadcasting authority and establishing the KAN broadcasting corporation

Close-down plan: budget of over NIS. 1 billion

Annual corporation budget: some NIS. 700 million

Increase of over 200% in content and production budget


TV stations


Radio stations

private company-14

Competitor Analysis for a leading service provider

Client is leading the local market and has been under attack by rivals

Mapping and deep analysis of competitors and market

Gathering real time intelligence on relevant rivals

Creating leverage for client

private company-14

Turnaround program for an industrial company

Revenues NIS 700. million

First model of its kind in Israel

NIS. 450 million in debts.

private company-14

Market Analysis for market penetration of an oil and gas company

Market Analysis

Human DD for recruitment of local executives

Negotiation support with local government


Strategic plan for Tel Aviv Sports Palaces company

3 sports facilities: Bloomfield Stadium, Menorah Arena, Shlomo Group Arena

Hundreds of cultural and sports events


Over 1 million visitors per annum


Winning 5 Accountant General tenders: Suny Communications, official Samsung importer

Tens of thousands of cellphones

Government supplier: offices, agencies, employees

Sales in the tens of million shekels

Online dynamic bidding




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